Knowledge and disipline

As I sit here and work the hours away, "doing what I love". I discipline myself, I make lists, 3 things I have to get done no mater what, then a list of 7 things I can get done in no order. The 7 can only get done after I do my 3 prior. For myself, I make the 7 all fun things, as a reward to getting the 3 done. Yes fun, but not like hey let's go outside and skateboard, no fun as in the creative side of my work, that I enjoy. Also I set aside a time almost every day, to learn more, learn more about my business, about other like it, hell learn more just about business. With learning, I gain knowledge, and with knowledge I can more of everything, as I will now know, how's, whys, do's and don'ts.

I have a great book as well I highly suggest, and I am not even all the way through with it yet.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Book by Dale Carnegie

Great book. Also a big thing for me, is to find out what am I not doing? what am I uncomfortable doing? those are normally the things I should be doing, and what are the barriers internally blocking me from doing those things I avoid. When you find those out, you have to break the barriers and get to it. Well that's enough out of me, go get it done, and check for more soon here.